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UMi Debt Finance Scotland is a specialist provider of SME finance to support a wide variety of growth plans. The Fund typically advances loans of £25,000 and £100,000 to support actively trading Scottish businesses.


The fund is managed by UMi Scotland whose local investment team are committed to supporting sustainable business plans backed by credible management teams.


With a mission to boost economic growth across Scotland, the Fund will help make securing affordable finance achievable.


The UMi Debt Finance Scotland is designed to facilitate the creation of 55 new jobs in the region by investing in 213 SMEs by the end of 2020.


Actively trading local businesses across most sectors are eligible to apply for UMi Debt Finance Scotland, with loans available for most purposes. Job creation and financial sustainability are essential prerequisites of each application and applicants must be able to demonstrate serviceability of fixed monthly repayments.

UMi Debt Finance Scotland is available to SMEs across Scotland. Businesses relocating to the area or opening new establishments in Scotland may also be eligible.

For more information about the Fund or to discuss your proposal, please contact our investment team on 0330 124 4756 or apply online via our application form.

UMi's Investment Centre

We have an exceptional track record in managing and delivering investment related programmes. The investment centre has managed over £174m, leveraged over £600m of investment from other sources and helped create over 39,000 jobs. Here are some companies that were able to grow with the help of UMi's investment team:

RedBlack Software

The York-based software development company RedBlack received £45,000 Let’s Grow grant funding to move their flagship bakery management software, Cybake, onto the cloud. This allowed them to scale and achieve greater global reach as well as hire 6 further staff members. Read more...

“It really helped to have that commitment from Let’s Grow because it can be scary to think of us taking on those developers, and it gives you confidence to progress.”

Jane Tyler, Managing Director

Wensleydale Brewery

 In order to expand capacity, upgrade their equipment and move to a new facility, Wensleydale Brewery received a £30,000 grant to secure access to further external funding for their project. This will see them hire three members of staff and increase their turnover by 25% annually. Read more...

“With us being first time borrowers, it would have been very difficult for us to borrow enough to make the project possible, the grant offered us the extra security the bank was looking for. Without the new brew plant, it would have been impossible for us to grow.”

Geoff Southgate, Owner

Heck Food

The best-selling premium brand for sausage, Heck, reached £1m monthly turnover after only three months in business. In order to satisfy the exploding demand, they received a £500,000 grant to realise their £3m plans of a new factory, warehouse and visitor centre and expand their workforce by 50. Read more...

“We didn’t want to overstretch ourselves, so it was really important for us to get someone like Let’s Grow on our side and it gives the banks a bit of confidence if someone else says ‘yes’.”

Debbie Keeble, Founder

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